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Student Stories

Project Reboot began as a semester-length course at UC Berkeley. 110 students took that class. Here are some of their stories.

Case Studies

John Cassell

Sophomore | Environmental Engineering Major | Hercules, CA
⏳ Time saved: 6 hours per day
"This course has laid foundations that the new me will be built upon for the rest of my life."

Student Spotlights

Setu Shah
Berkeley class of 2022 | Political Economy
"To say this course has life-changing potential would be an understatement. I believe every person should go through a similar exercise or regimen to declutter and optimize their digital environment. With our lives becoming increasingly digital as the years pass by, making the best out of your digital environment is a crucial skill for all. I've already noticed significant improvements in my relationship with my devices in a relatively short amount of time, and I think everyone stands to gain from this course in some way or the other."
⏳ Setu reduced his screen time by 2 hours per day
Megan Baxter.jpeg
Megan Baxter
Berkeley class of 2023 | Nutritional Sciences
"Schools never teach students how to utilize technology in a responsible way or curate their devices to serve them. INFO 98 does exactly that. I've noticed a significant increase in my awareness of how I'm using technology, which has translated to being much more mindful in my day to day life. I have no doubt that this class will have a significant impact on anyone who takes it."
⏳ Megan reduced her screen time by 4 hours per day
IMG_4943 - Adlae D'Orazio_edited.jpg
Adlae D'orazio
Berkeley class of 2024 | Data Science
"Project Reboot has definitely infiltrated my mind in a positive way. I'm more critical about how I spend my time, and I've devalued time-sucks in my day-to-day. This mindset has caused my relationship with my devices to improve immensely! My screen time has gone down drastically (over 40%) and what I do use my screens for are things that keep me fulfilled, happy and productive. Bonus: it's easy to make new friends in a class where everyone is looking for a way to discover all their newly discovered free time!"
⏳ Adlae reduced her screen time by 2 hours per day
Zewdi Herring
Berkeley class of 2024 | Computer Science
"My experience in Project Reboot was so cool. The tools and skillsets you learn in this class are guaranteed to give you back time that you can apply to other aspects of your life. Through taking this class I have improved my relationship with tech which has enabled me to get back on track and actually stay ahead in school. Trust me, take this class and you will be set to thrive in college and beyond."
⏳ Zewdi reduced her screen time by 2 hours per day
IMG_7530 - Alyson Chang.jpg
Alyson Chang
Berkeley class of 2024 | Business Administration
"Project Reboot was an extremely insightful and an amazing experience overall. I recommend this course to anyone and everyone because I think we can all benefit from the lessons and awareness this class provides. This class made me more aware of my unhealthy relationship with my devices and showed me the steps I could take to change it"
⏳ Alyson reduced her screen time by 2 hours per day

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"Very eye opening and intentional experience that has given me a lot of insight on how I want my relationship with tech to be going forward. Also got a lot of absolutely game-changing resources that streamlined parts of my life I have been dissatisfied with or putting off, like creative projects I’ve wanted to pursue for a long time. The course unlocked my potential in a lot of ways."

-Mahika Singhal


"The course definitely exceeded my expectations. A lot of the information was really insightful, and I've thought a good amount about how I can improve my habits with technology. I would encourage anyone to enroll because I feel like everyone spends too much time on technology. I barely use any social media now, but I still watch a good amount of YouTube (which I still want to reduce). I've been more productive recently. I've reduced the amount that I multitask, and I try to focus on one thing at a time."

-John He


"My Project Reboot experience was amazing. I knew I had a problem with technology but this class really actually taught me how to tackle that addiction. Lots of people with unhealthy relationships don’t even realize it, but this class teaches you that it’s okay and that it’s changeable. I’ve learned to not rely on my phone in stressful situations and how to handle stress and reflections in a healthy manner. These changes helped me become more efficient in schoolwork and actually gave me so much more free time than I had before. I now have time to do the things I actually want to do now that I’m not wasting 5+ hours a day on my phone."

-David Niculae


"Project Reboot has definitely made me a lot more aware about my intentions when using my devices. It has also made me understand how my brain works more and how to take better advantage of it. I would tell someone to enroll in this course to understand yourself better and to become a master of your device!"

-Mei Chen


"Such a great course. Even if you don’t implement every tool we talk about, each one has the potential to make vast change in your life. Definitely take this course if you want to optimize your life and your relationship with your devices. I am now more conscientious about my life than I ever have been.  Project Reboot has given me more time. With between 2-4 hours more free time a day, I’ve been more productive and explored new and old hobbies."

-Raquel Kunugi


"This has been so helpful. I am just much more mindful of my usage now, and even if I regress I now am equipped with habits and recommendations to fix it. I personally was not able to fully implement Notion in the midst of classes and homework, but I plan on setting aside the day after classes to get organized for the summer and next semester. I’m really looking forward to exploring the wide breadth of resources this course has provided me with. I no longer get sucked into the infinite scroll on reels, and I spend so much less time getting sucked into rabbit holes. I have a crazy next semester planned, but I’m really looking forward to organizing it with Notion."

-Kingsley Erich


"Starting this class I had no real expectations how the content and the outcome will look like. Over the last 12 weeks I learned a lot about myself and my relationship to technology devices. I was able to use my devices less and if so only efficiently. That way I had more time for exploring nature or doing fun stuff with my friends. I would definitely recommend this course for everyone who wants to enjoy life more and be less distracted by your devices for 7-10 hours a day. A big plus were also the provided resources like book, app or shortcut recommendations to create the technical environment, which is helpful and not a waste of time."

-Lea Mueller


"Project Reboot is an exceptionally well put-together class, that covers all facets of becoming tech-intentional, and I would highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to distance themselves from social media/gaming. I really enjoyed the mini lectures that blend psychology, cognitive science, and technology, to convey meaningful methods to change our relationship with our devices. These lectures have helped inform my daily habits, allowing me to significantly reduce my daily screen time and improve my work and study habits."


"I loved the relevancy of this course and how it offers solutions and guides for our generation of social media addicts. I have never heard of all of these tools that Dino introduced to us to help us clean up our digital environments and I probably wouldn’t have had a clue what to do to clean up my digital life and habits without this course. Since taking this course, I have been more conscious about how I spend my time online and I understand that technology and social media is not black and white in its usefulness and destructiveness. I feel more motivated to spend less time on my phone or online and instead fill my free time with enriching activities instead."

-Ozge Selin 


"I really enjoyed Project Reboot this semester. It opened my eyes to how the world of technology can be utilized as a tool to enrich our lives and not simply be an escape from it. Dino does a great job of peeling back the layers of digital entertainment and showing you exactly what you are consuming. His organization system is definitely impressive and attests that this system works!"

-Lucy Guo

"Great course! Broadly applicable and really nice selection of topics. They tie together nicely and I can strongly recommend this course to anyone else who is interested in making their life more efficient. Definitely potential to change lives."

-Bryan Wu

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