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John Cassell

Sophomore, Environmental Engineering Science Major

"Thanks to this course, I have completely overhauled my relationship with technology"

John saved 6 hrs per day









Average time spent on social media & entertainment apps per day

Response to "How healthy is your relationship with your devices from 1-10?"

John's Story

Before enrolling in Project Reboot John was aware of the effect his digital habits were having on him, but couldn't seem to break them. Here is a snippet from his application:

   "My relationship with tech is very debilitating. I feel like I’m stuck in this negative feedback loop and I hate it so much but I feel like I’m in too deep to break it. 

    I really don’t want to look back on my life when I’m older and be forced to think about how I failed to do so many things I wanted to because I was spending hours every day looking at some screen.

    I need support to tackle these addictions in a concrete way. I’ve wanted to change for so long, I just need to see the path because I’ve failed to tackle these challenges on my own."

During his time in Project Reboot, John had multiple breakthroughs. Here is what he has to say about his experience:

"My experience in INFO 98 has been amazing. Thanks to this course I have completely overhauled my relationship with technology - I have cut out all excess and now use it with intention to benefit my life. As a result, a huge amount of free time has been opened up, which I am spending on things I truly enjoy like hanging out with friends, fitness, self-reflection, personal improvement, studying and much more. Additionally, I’ve noticed that I’m happier, I’m getting more done, I’m in better shape, I feel far less cluttered, and most importantly I feel like this class has laid the foundations that the new me will be built upon for the rest of my life."

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