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Raquel Kunugi

Senior, Political Science Major

"I've had a total overhaul of how I conceptualize my relationship with my phone"

Raquel saved over an hour per day









Average time spent on social media, gaming & entertainment apps per day

Response to "How Healthy is your relationship with your devices from 1-10?"

Raquel's Story

What was your relationship with your devices like before Project Reboot?

"Before Project Reboot I never questioned why it was that I felt the need to check my phone every few minutes. I never worried about how my cognition was being affected by my phone use. Ultimately, this left me spending much of my free time scrolling aimlessly rather than pursuing real goals and developing fulfilling hobbies."

What is your relationship with technology like now?

"Now when I use my phone I am much more cognizant of my intentions and ask myself 'What is my goal for using this and how can I minimize my time on my device?'. I've had a total overhaul of how I conceptualize my relationship with my phone and now view it more as a tool to aid my growth as a person rather than a crutch to support bad habits."

What effects outside of reduced screen time have you seen as a result of Project Reboot?

"With more free time and a greater mindset of intentionality, I have noticed that I have the time and drive to improve other aspects of my life. I am now devoting more time to hobbies and relationships that I value. I have developed a routine (waking up early, doing yoga, meditating, etc.) that pushes me to do better in other aspects of my life such as physical and emotional health."

What was your favorite part of the course?

"Learning about the psychological tools that apps use to make us prone to staying plugged in and online really spoke to me. I realized that I had essentially given up autonomy to these companies that do not have my well-being at heart. Then learning how to optimize my device so I get out of my own way has empowered me to have a new relationship with my device."

What would you say to someone considering signing up for Project Reboot?

"You get out what you put in. If you really want to stop bad habits, you should do it as early as you can but nothing is a magic fix. You have to continuously put in effort and when you inevitably slip up, realign yourself with your goals and keep pushing."

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