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1-week intensive online course

Born at UC Berkeley. Tested by 2,000+ students.

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Reset your tech habits and reclaim your time

It's time to break free from addictive technology. Based on a popular class at UC Berkeley, Project Reboot is a science-backed course that will help you reset your relationship with your devices and build empowering tech habits.

Reduce your screen time

Become more productive

Hold yourself accountable

"I've noticed a significant increase in my awareness of how I'm using technology which has made me much more mindful in my day to day life."
Megan Baxter_edited.jpg

Megan Baxter

UC Berkeley Student

Time Saved: 2 hours per day

Win Back 3+ Hours per Day

Average non-productive screen time



Before Project Reboot

After Project Reboot

*Data from 90 UC Berkeley students who took Project Reboot as a 12-week course

High Impact, Low Time Commitment

The best of the Project Reboot program in its most accessible format yet

Sprint Schedule

Kickoff Session

2-hour Zoom meeting

Learn key concepts

Watch engaging presentations on the principles of healthy tech use

Meet your peers

Get to know the group you will be working with over the week

Start your reboot

Set goals for the week and begin your digital detox

Daily Nuggets

From Monday - Friday you will receive a daily text containing:

Video lesson

A short clip explaining relevant principle or practice

Discussion question

A prompt to spark conversations with your peer group


A simple step towards healthier tech use

Follow-up Session

30-min Zoom meeting

Share what you learned

Ask questions

Plan your next steps

Why Students Love Project Reboot

Science-based curriculum

Approachable lessons that will deepen your understanding of why technology can be addictive and teach you how to win back control over your devices

Topics include:

  • Leading research on dopamine and its role in tech addictions

  • How to reconfigure your devices to eliminate distractions

  • Impacts of screen time on cognition and mental health

There are no prescriptions

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to healthy tech habits, so we won't tell you how much screen time is too much.
The objective of the program is to help you clarify your intentions for your tech use, then give you a powerful toolkit to stick to them for the long term.

Peers hold you accountable

All participants are placed in an accountability group of 4-6 like-minded peers based on age and objectives. Throughout the program, groups engage in discussions, share goals, and provide updates on their progress.

Your effort is rewarded

By completing daily challenges, reducing your screen time, and participating in discussions, you earn raffle tickets.

Prizes Include:

Kindle e-readers

Headspace subscriptions

Smart alarm clocks

REI gift cards

Meet Your Instructor


Dino Ambrosi

Founder of Project Reboot

Dino is an ex-social media addict on a mission to help others build healthy tech habits. While studying data science at UC Berkeley, he created "INFO 98: Becoming Tech Intentional", a 12-week course that he taught to over 100 students. He founded Project Reboot to bring his course to a broader audience and has delivered the program to over 4,000 students and parents since graduating. 

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Join the reboot

Reset your tech habits & reclaim your free time

2 Zoom meetings

5 videos, discussion questions, and activities

Accountability group of 4-6 peers

Optional screen time challenge with prizes

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