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Kaushal Balagurusamy

Junior, Materials Science & Engineering Major

"Project Reboot flipped the script for me. I learned how to use technology synergistically for my goals rather than letting it leach my attention and time."

Kaushal saved 3 hours per day









Average time spent web surfing + texting per day

Response to "How Healthy is your relationship with your devices from 1-10?"

Kaushal's Story

What was your relationship with your devices like before Project Reboot?

"Like many others I turned to digital leisure when life got difficult. The lack of structure and sheer amount of distractions college and my devices offered decimated my well being. Although I went cold turkey, I quickly found myself falling behind as I avoided technology in its entirety in fear of addiction. When I did try to use technology productively, I ended up procrastinating by over-planning. Eventually, I gave up, despairing at the idea that my relationship with technology would only waste my life, not augment it like it did for others I looked up to."

What is your relationship with technology like now?

"This semester at project reboot flipped the script. I learned the practical neuroscience behind what parts of technology are addictive, and generally how my brain works so I could reconstruct my relationship with technology in a way that would sustainably enhance my life. That was the end of over-planning and avoidance."

What effects outside of reduced screen time have you seen as a result of Project Reboot?

"I finally feel confidence in my career pursuits and no longer feel helplessly behind my peers."

What was your favorite part of the course?

"One of my favorite parts of the class was how interactive it was and the community it provides. With my newfound time, I got into rock climbing with the class. "

What would you say to someone considering signing up for Project Reboot?

"If you feel like your relationship with technology is haphazard or addictive, definitely give project reboot a go. It will teach you how to redesign your digital environment in a open ended, personalized way that works for you."

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